Slauson Connect

The site, which is 1,250 feet long and 81 feet wide, is 2.3 acres, with 60 percent dedicated to the Slauson Connect project and the rest to a bike trail built by the Metro transit agency. The center and linear park dovetails with a Metro effort to turn a defunct freight rail right-of-way through South Los Angeles into a five-mile Rail to Rail transportation corridor. Slauson Connect wil include a low-slung building that includes a childcare center with afterschool programs, classrooms and a new rooftop garden. Plans also call for a 22-car parking lot, plus a new park featuring a garden, a multipurpose plaza, picnic tables, public restrooms and a children's play area. We were contracted as a Design Consultant both on the exterior, as well as the land-scaping and cultural mapping, where we highlighted local businesses and historic moments/locations In CD9.

Year - In Progress
Design Team - Paul Murdoch Architects
City - Los Angeles
Focus - Cultural Design / Landscape Design Consulting
Award - Equity + Environmental Justice from USGBC