Unearthing a Black Aesthetic

The project is a collaboration with a Black homeowner whose family has lived in watts for generations, and who has, agreed to work with me to build an accessory dwellang unit on her property that will serve as an artist residence and makerspace. When speaking about her goal for the space, the homeowner, pressed her desire to create synergy with her community, and to provide resources for everyone from local children to artists to home cooks. To that end, Wove designed an Interactive art walk along the property's 256-foot-long fence line that includes canvases on which local artists can display quarterly exhibitions, a free outdoor library for the community, and a hanging garden with free fruits, vegetables, spices, and seeds, as well as pamphlets that provide growing instructions. The site is 13,213 sqft.

In these ways, "Unearthing a Black Aesthetic" is a collaboration with each project's community, and we

continue to speak with them about the approach to this new aesthetic that will be for us and by us. Our goal is for Black communities around the country to rebulld themselves-to take control of our image in architecture, to take control of the perception of our neighborhoods, and to elevate and celebrate Black life and culture.

Year - In Progress
City - Watts