Project 01.

Watts, CA

Boundaries of segregation still remain in tact as we observe the populations by race
in Los Angeles. Today, black residents of L.A. are facing another major crisis;
gentrifcation. The neighborhoods that have been histroically black, are at risk.
Jefferson Park, West Adams, and Inglewood. Watts is another historically black
neighborhood that has been that way for over 70 years. Today, Watts is only 37% while
Hispanics are now the majority at 61.6%. Research shows that when black people move
out of L.A. (due to cost), they move over 60 miles away, most to either the inland
empire or Palmdale/Lancaster area. This means that more and more history within the
black community leaves with each dispersed family.

How then can we advance the development of a Black aesthetic in architecture? To begin to develop the possibltities of this Black aesthetic, and simultanesouly develop resources which the wider community can take advantage of, I have partnered with a Black homeower who has lived in Watts for over 30 years in order to design and build a 700 sq/ft ADU on her property.